Photography of architecture and interiors


I will help you with presentation of your home


Photo is the first thing that is related to your real estate and who can see for sale or rent.

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Virtual tours

A classic photo has great benefits because it acts instantly, and it delivers the main message within a few moments. However, if some space is so interesting that we want to see and know more, we can go through a virtual tour through the apartment or house.

Video from virtual tours


The photos of our hotels, both exteriors and interiors, are one of the key elements of our presentation. We made a choice for the photographer and we chose him correctly. Beautiful photos perfectly match the style of our hotels and are successful with business partners and especially target clients. We can see the pleasant atmosphere we want to ensure all our guests at our hotels. Also, communication and cooperation are excellent for the whole 12 years, when we cooperate with Ivan Bárta. Thank you!

J.Procházka, Director Ave a.s.


So, whether selling or renting a property, make sure you have high-quality images photographed by a professional.

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telefon: 602 526 036

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